In Rememberance

This has been a rough week.  I’m not going to lie.  I’ve never lost someone close to me, other than my beloved pets.  Death has only been something I’ve heard of, and never experienced.  But this week, I bath in it’s residue, feeling numbness throughout my body and the emptiness inside my heart. On Monday,Continue reading “In Rememberance”

2017 Read Local Book Fair

  Every year, I have the pleasure of being invited to the Read Local Book Fair, hosted by the Macon County Public Library.  And every year, the experience is different and refreshing.  I meet new people, learn new things, and also sell some books! As always, this year was a pleasant experience.  You can seeContinue reading “2017 Read Local Book Fair”


Yes, my home, Franklin, NC, my place of work, Southwestern Community College, and my alma mater, Western Carolina University, was in the path of totality during yesterday’s Great American Eclipse.  You’ve probably heard about it already, or experienced it yourself, but if not, here is my experience. While my family hiked up one of theContinue reading “Totality”