Bridge Over Troubled Dreams

When Australian sensation, Delta Goodrem, returns to the spotlight to release her new era of music, she doesn’t hold back. This new era started in the midst of an unforgettable time in history: COVID-19. Like many other musicians, Delta began a weekly “Bunkerdown Session”, performing all of her past songs and favorite requests. Several weeksContinue reading “Bridge Over Troubled Dreams”

Journey to Disciple: Devin Roslin (aka Fasi)

Devin Roslin, also known as Fast, was originally intended to be a character in Disciple and The Aluria Adventures, but only as a what I call a “minor major” character.  There were only certain parts that I had him play a role in this story but other than that, I was going to put himContinue reading “Journey to Disciple: Devin Roslin (aka Fasi)”