Interoffice Relations in Higher Education

The following is an essay written for my comprehensive exam to graduate from the Education Specialist (EdS) program at Appalachian State University. Abstract For a student to successfully enroll and graduate from a higher education institution, they have to interact with a number of faculty and staff to set them up for optimal success inContinue reading “Interoffice Relations in Higher Education”

Cook to Release Second Novel

Cook to Release Second Novel Franklin, NC—Tyler Cook, Franklin native and Western Carolina University alumnus, will release his second novel, ‘Aluria’, at a special release party on May 7 at 11 a.m. at the Macon County Public Library. “Aluria is by far my favorite book I’ve written to date,” said Cook.  “I brought out myContinue reading “Cook to Release Second Novel”

Dear Senator Davis

Dear Senator Davis, My name is Tyler Cook, and I write to you under the gravest of circumstances.  As a Maconian, I have agreed and disagreed with different beliefs that you have taken with you to Raleigh.  And as a resident of North Carolina, I would have to say the same for our state legislature. Continue reading “Dear Senator Davis”