947198_10151649129184271_1730154051_nTyler Cook is the #1 Superhero author on Amazon, and has authored A Guide to Historic Dillsboro, The One, Aluria, Vigilante and Disciple.

Tyler Cook is a graduate of Appalachian State University with a master’s in Higher Education Leadership and Western Carolina University with a bachelor’s in communication. A native of Franklin, Cook is co-founder and publisher of Moonshine Press, a co-op with Eva McCall that published her latest novels, Murder on Haint Branch and Button Box.

In 2014, Cook co-wrote A Guide to Historic Dillsboro, a book celebrating the 125th anniversary of Dillsboro, NC.  Five months later, Cook released his debut novel, The One, a love story set in the Appalachian Mountains.  In April of 2015, Cook received the WCU Outstanding Student Achievement award for his work on Dillsboro.  Cook wrote his second novel, Aluria, in 2015, followed by Vigilante in 2016 and Disciple in 2018.

Cook is tied closely to the region, currently working at the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching.  He previously was employed at Western Carolina University and Southwestern Community College.  His passion for education goes back many years, interning with the Macon County Schools Board of Education, WCU’s College of Arts and Sciences and volunteering for the New Century Scholars program. In 2018, he established the Eva McCall Memorial Scholarship in memory of his great-aunt.  

Cook plans on remaining in the Western North Carolina area, promoting and participating in Appalachian culture.

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