003(93)In order to save his teenage crush, Jason Conner allows an extra-terrestrial spirit, named Aluria, to inhabit his body. At that moment, Jason vowed to protect the innocent and hunt down the guilty, avenging those that were tragically taken from him.

But while Jason thought that his first enemy, Raiz, was long deceased, the evil sorcerer returns to Canton to obtain what Jason robbed him of: A magical item that grants anyone who possesses, it infinite power.

Aluria is the first in a series that tells a story about heroism, love and hope.


“A treat for lovers of fiction, Aluria is an easy read at 298 pages and packs in more ideas than many more weighty novels manage. Uncover hidden agendas, a couple of unlikely heroes, and a story line that will pleasantly surprise the reader not yet acquainted with this excellent author. Looking forward to Book 2.” -C Setser

“Aluria is a good fantasy read. Makes you think about good, evil, sacrifice, love, and hope. The hero isn’t perfect, which makes for a better read.” -RoseMary Stelma

Well written journey story in the vein of Paulo Cohelo. Thought provoking, meaningful and full of self examination. Recommended to those seeking self-awareness through reading and identification.” -Amazon Customer

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