The following are the many press releases written over the years. Many of these have been published in “The Franklin Press” and the “Macon County News”.

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Local Author to Release New Novel in Web Series

Eva McCall, local author from Franklin, will release her new novel, Homebred, as a web series, starting on June 3 at

“I am very excited about this new journey for me and my stories,” said McCall.  “This book will be available for a new era of readers and will lead them to the many books I have written over the years.”

The new novel will be released in weekly installments.  The completed novel will be published at a later date.

Homebred is based on a true event, following the journey of Anna McCallister who comes into contact with a girl who was believed to be dead.  With the help of the girl’s father, Steve, Anna investigates and discovers more than what she bargained for.  Filled with jaw-dropping, romantic and suspenseful scenes, Homebred is a story that you can’t miss.

This new experience with McCall and her publisher, Moonshine Press, will allow readers to be interactive with the story and McCall, commenting on the content, and predicting what will happen next.

“I’m excited to hear what my readers have to say about my new story, and plan on experiencing the story with them,” said McCall.

Eva McCall is the author of the popular Edge of Heaven series, Murder on Haint Branch and Button Box, which was released earlier this year.

For more information, contact Tyler Cook, Moonshine Press PR Manager, at

Eva McCall, local author, released her new novel, “Button Box,” on Jan. 14.

“I wrote ‘Button Box’ many years ago,” said McCall. “It feels so good to finally have readers read the journey that Eva McCallAbigail Sloan endures during the Civil War.”

Button box is a fastpaced 96,000 word historical fiction set during the Civil War. Abigail Sloan learns the hard lessons of life during this time, but is comforted by her button box, symbolizing all of humankind; all shapes, sizes and colors, living together.

McCall began writing the novel after the release of her first novel, “Edge of Heaven.” It wasn’t until summer 2013 that she decided to release it to the public.

“There’s a saying, ‘never judge until you walk a mile in someone’s shoes,’” said McCall. “The book helped me to realize just how true this saying is and hope it does the same for the reader.”


“Button Box” will be available at Books Unlimited and online bookstores.

Eva McCall is the author of the popular “Edge of Heaven” series and “Murder on Haint Branch,” which was released in early 2013.

For more information, contact Tyler Cook, Moonshine Press PR Manager, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

This press release was published in the Macon County News

Chelsie Daves to Compete at SKILLS USA in Kansas City

Franklin, NC, 5/29/13 – Chelsie Daves, graduating senior at Franklin High School, will be traveling to Kansas City to compete in the national SKILLS USA competition on June 24th.  This will be her second time competing in the national competition.

Rick Rogers, Daves’ teacher at Franklin High, said that this was a prestigious opportunity.  “Not many men can do this,” he said, “but Chelsie can do it and get first place.”  Rogers explained that Daves will present a carpentry skill of her choosing for 5-10 minutes and will then explain the steps and the layout.

Daves already competed in the state SKILLS USA this April where she won first place for the second time.  She will be returning to the Skills USA national competition where only 2 percent of the nation’s students are invited to compete.  In addition to the competition, the trip has been an educational experience, adding visits to the Harry S. Truman House and the AG Hall of Fame.  County Commissioner Ronnie Beale has also attended in previous years.

Rick Rogers is a teacher of 13 years at Franklin High School in the Carpentry and cabinet making department.  Daves has made plans to attend Southwestern Community College in the fall to pursue a degree is Cosmetology. The Macon County School system wishes her the best of luck!

This press release was published in The Franklin Press