vigilante-001It’s been a year since Aluria appeared as the hero of Canton.  He’s become a myth to many, a hero to some, and a threat to others.  Among those who think he is an outlaw are those working at the Major Case Squad, who fear he will go too far and become the villain the vigilante hopes to rid the city of.  This fear escalates when people are found murdered with a blade shaped like Aluria’s insignia.  Could this new hero really be to blame, and if not, can he clear his name and find the person who is behind everything?  That will prove to be difficult when his support, Princess Tessa Warren, is fighting for her ambassadorship in Washington, D.C., and his father, now offering to tell him why he killed Jason’s mother.

Vigilante is the second book in The Aluria Adventures and will expose readers to secrets, lies and heartbreak.


This is a story of heroism, romance, and patriotism. It is also a political thriller. The readers will learn to love Aluria because Aluria represents the two sides of the humans. This fast-paced story is a perfect read for the young adults. Get ready to fly, jump, and glide with Aluria.” –Donnavila Marie B. Panday

Just finished reading Vigilante and this series gets better with each book. The characters are well developed and the action scenes remind me of Jim Butcher’s writing. Tyler Cook is an auther to watch as he devlopes writing skills and explores his vast imagination for characters and story lines.” –Nikki McCall

“Good follow up to the first book – really enjoyed – good escapism!” –RoseMary Stelma

If you liked the first book then Vigilante won’t disappoint you.” –Cathy Setser