It is amazing how easily we fall for misleading and even false information these days, including myself.  It has been several days since Jussie Smollett was arrested for allegedly staging a homophobic and racist attack and since then, enough information has come out for me to want to respond. Shortly after hearing of the "attack"... Continue Reading →

A Year Ago Today

Last weekend, I couldn't help but cry uncontrollably in the shower, my heart and soul pouring out of me and falling down to my feet and exiting through the drain.  The past 365 days have went by so fast, I wasn't prepared for the emotional wave that had sneaked up on me.  A year ago... Continue Reading →


A little over nine months ago, shortly after the death of my dearly-departed great-aunt, Eva McCall, a feeling came over me, telling me I needed to do something to keep Eva's name alive, her legacy surviving long after she she departed this earth.  Was it Eva telling me to do this?  Maybe, maybe not.  I... Continue Reading →

Disciple Release Book Signing

Hi everyone, thank you so much for all the kind messages you've sent me yesterday as we embark on the release of Disciple and The Aluria Adventures (3-Book Collection). It's very exciting for me because not only do I get to see you all take Disciple home and start reading it but, this was also... Continue Reading →

Journey to Disciple: Book Dedications

Hi everyone, thank you so much for watching my latest installment in the Journey to Disciple video series, as well as the final final video in the series because before we know it, we will be at the release date for Disciple. Something that I wanted to talk about before the release is the book... Continue Reading →

Journey to Disciple: Tessa Warren

Tessa, like Jason, has to try to find her way at the end of Vigilante.  I'm not going to discuss what happened, because it would be spoilers for some potential readers, but she  has a situation like Jason where a part of her life has been ripped away from her and she also has to... Continue Reading →

Journey to Disciple: Bonnie Hunter

So, if you've read Aluria and Vigilante, you're very familiar with one of Jason's closest confidants and one of my more favorite characters to write, Bonnie Hunter.  As I've mentioned in several videos and posts in the pas,t my biggest inspiration for this character is Vicki Lawrence and how she portrays the very famous character,... Continue Reading →

Journey to Disciple: Jason Conner

Hi guys, so in this installment of the Journey to Disciple series, I wanted to start going over the different characters that will be highlighted in this new book and of course, I wouldn't be able to talk about the characters without going over the main character, Jason Connor. When we left Jason at the... Continue Reading →

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