Interoffice Relations in Higher Education

The following is an essay written for my comprehensive exam to graduate from the Education Specialist (EdS) program at Appalachian State University. Abstract For a student to successfully enroll and graduate from a higher education institution, they have to interact with a number of faculty and staff to set them up for optimal success inContinue reading “Interoffice Relations in Higher Education”

An Evening with Delta

In early January of 2008, I was going through a YouTube rabbit hole, late one night, when I stumbled upon a video that changed my life forever. It was a Law and Order: Criminal Intent tribute video and the song playing in the background was “Innocent Eyes” by Australian musician, Delta Goodrem. There are manyContinue reading “An Evening with Delta”

Podcast Interview: LGBT+ Students in Higher Education

At the conclusion of my Diversity and Equity course for the EdS program at Appalachian State University, we were tasked with each creating a project, in the form of our choosing, to show what we learned and retained during the semester. The entire time, I thought a podcast recording would be best for me, asContinue reading “Podcast Interview: LGBT+ Students in Higher Education”

Fighting Corona With Words

$0 Raised Click here to buy Tyler’s books on Amazon Click here to buy Tyler’s books on Smashwords Click here to buy Tyler’s books on Barnes and Noble Click here to buy Tyler’s books on KOBO Click here to buy Tyler’s books on iTunes These past few weeks have been difficult on all of us.Continue reading “Fighting Corona With Words”

Wings of the Wild

Yesterday, in the hot summer weather, I decided to take a long dip in the pool, and enjoy Delta Goodtrem’s new album, Wings of the Wild, in a peaceful environment.  I knew what to expect, because I had listened to the album in it’s entirety a dozen times before that.  However, floating in the water,Continue reading “Wings of the Wild”