Wings of the Wild

13392153_10154296042790842_5771897236973107543_o.jpgYesterday, in the hot summer weather, I decided to take a long dip in the pool, and enjoy Delta Goodtrem’s new album, Wings of the Wild, in a peaceful environment.  I knew what to expect, because I had listened to the album in it’s entirety a dozen times before that.  However, floating in the water, just existing for that one hour to listen to the songs, I was able to fully appreciate it.  I stopped doing reviews after I shut down my prior blog, Tyler’s World, but I felt that this album deserved my full attention.

So, for those that do not know her, Delta Goodrem is one of the most well respected musicians in Australia.  If any of my USA readers recognize her name, it’s because of her brief visit in the USA in 2008 to promote her USA debut album, Delta.  Since then, she has released two albums, several record breaking singles, and went through several publicized relationships and breakups.  I have never stopped being a fan of Delta ever since I discovered her in late 2007, and I am so thrilled that she has released new content in the USA.  So without further ado…my full review of Wings of the Wild.

Feline:  I’ve started noticing a pattern with Delta’s albums.  The last three of her albums have included a fully orchestrated song to lead the album.  And I love her for it.  The title immediately caught my attention, because cats are my spirit animal.  I really think this should have been the theme for Catwoman with Hallie Berry.  And it drives me wild when she does the Arabian sound towards the middle of the song.   Delta says that this song was the driving force behind WOTW, and I would have to agree.  And obviously, it gave some inspiration for the album cover.

Wings:  Ah, Wings.  I have been singing to this song for over a year, and I still don’t get tired of it.  While it can now be disputed that Only Human was the lead single for this album, Wings is what really kicked off the release of her fifth album.  The strings, the piano, the voice, all of it comes together in perfect harmony.  It’s catchy, it’s bold, and there’s no wonder why it reached #1 on the ARIA charts.

Dear Life:  When Delta announced the release of Dear Life, nearly a year after releasing Wings, I knew that the new album wasn’t far behind.  This was also the start of Delta releasing new content into the USA.  It’s an anthem of strength, questions and just a love of life.  My mom thinks this is her best song to date.  I can’t agree or disagree with her, because each of her songs have a special place in my heart, but I do have to agree that it’s a song that everyone can relate to.

Just Call:  I always imagine Delta singing this song in the Amazon jungle.  It’s certainly unique.  I’m curious what inspired Delta to write it.  Was it a love interest, past or present?  Or was it for a friend?  No matter who it was meant for, it’s a great, positive song, that I know many will enjoy, myself included.

In the Name of Love:  It’s definitely a noteworthy song on this album.  It’s raw, it’s powerful, and I love every minute of it.  Delta has admitted to including songs written from her Child of the Universe era, and I think this song was among the collection.   It kinda sounds like an addition to her song War on Love.  I don’t care, I’m glad that she released it.  I wish she would release a lot more songs, a lot faster!

Enough (Feat. Gizzle): Delta really went out of the box with this song.  When I heard a rapper would be included in the song, I started to get worried.  But after one listen, I knew that she made the right decision.  It’s a powerful song of overcoming the odds.  Gizzle’s part is very inspiration, and combined with Delta’s part, makes the song pure epicness.  I honestly think it is one of Delta’s best songs.  Good job!

Heavy:  Delta always knows how to rip my heart out and step on it.  And this song is no exception.  The piano is absolutely wonderful, and I think the unidentified male voice adds to the song.  I love it when she says, “I made a wish on a satellite that I mistook for a star.”  I would have never thought of saying something like that.  That key change is amazing!  Delta, you’ll always have my heart.

Only Human:  Heavy and Only Human kinda go hand in hand, which I guess is why Delta put the two songs back to back.  I loved it when she released it, before we knew it was going to be on the album.  If anyone gets tired of feeling like people take advantage of you, or keep breaking your heart, like I’ve felt, then this song is the best one to belt out.

The River:  I really hope Delta releases this song as a single, just so I can get the music video.  I can only imagine what it would be like.  I think it would include Delta talking to a priest right before they execute her for the murder of her boyfriend/husband/lover and his mistress.  It think it’s safe to say that she wrote this song as a result of one of her breakups.

I’m Not Giving Up:  Delta went with a more acoustic vibe with this song, and I’m fine with that.  If In the Name of Love isn’t the second part of War on Love, then this song is it.  I know I’ll be belting out this song when I’m feeling blue.

Encore:  Oh my gosh, I love this song.  I think everyone can relate to it.  This is her version of Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus.  I personally think it’s better.  Not much more to say on the matter, other than it’s perfect.

Hold On:  The only thing bad about this song is that it’s an indicator that the album is almost over.  Other than that, it sends me chills.  Probably one of the best songs on the album.  I fully expect this to be the fourth single, not that I would be disappointed with any of the other songs.  I think it’s the background vocals/choir that makes me want to raise my hand and say “Hallelujah, thank you Jesus!”

I Believe in a Thing Called Love:  One of the few songs that has not been written by Delta since she has been releasing music.  She sang it at her brother’s wedding, and I suppose that she fell in love with it.  I fell in love with it too.  A perfect ending to a perfect album.

So do I really have to give this album a rating?  I guess not, but I’m going to anyway.  I’m going to rate it a 5/5.  Shocking, I know.  If I had to say anything bad about the album, I guess it would have to be that she only included 13 songs on this album.  I had really hoped that she would have released You and You Alone and Morse Code on it.  I guess she didn’t find them a good fit for the album, and I’ll have to respect that.

WOTW is everything I hoped it would be.  It was a long wait, but like people say about my books, good things take time to produce.  I thank Delta for giving us this wonderful give, and I ask her that she provide us with more gifts in the near future.  If you’ve liked what you read, go onto iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, or wherever you shop for music, and go buy this album!  You won’t regret it.

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