Journey to Disciple: Making of Disciple

Hi everyone, thank you so much for watching and reading this latest installment in the Journey to Disciple series.  I wanted to take a moment today and talk about the making of Disciple how I got my inspiration and what led to the overall project So, let's get started I had released Vigilante in March... Continue Reading →

Author Releases Third Book in Series

Franklin, NC—Tyler Cook, Franklin native and author, will release his fifth book, ‘Disciple’, at a special release party on August 4 at 10 a.m. at the Macon County Public Library. “Disciple is the latest installment in The Aluria Adventures series and it is my favorite one to date.” said Cook.  “I have been wanting to... Continue Reading →

Defending Freedom

Centuries ago, a group of men from thirteen colonies announced they were tired of the oppression and under-representation forced upon them and demanded the rights they thought they deserved.  Many, if not all of them, new the formation of a country would be an experiment that could fail.   Some may have even thought the... Continue Reading →

We’re Your Friend

The southern region has had a recent shakeup, and everyone I've talked to has felt the effects.  A few days ago, WYFF4 (We're Your Friend Four) reporter and anchor, Mike McCormick, and photographer, Aaron Smeltzer, died tragically when a tree fell on their SUV.  They were in Polk County, North Carolina, reporting on the storms... Continue Reading →

Disciple Announcement

In March of 2017, shortly after the release of Vigilante, I began writing the third book in The Aluria Adventures series.  I was so excited to begin the process, because the story line I had planned for this book was one that I had planned from the beginning, and couldn't wait to get it on... Continue Reading →

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