Journey to Disciple: Devin Roslin (aka Fasi)

Devin Roslin, also known as Fast, was originally intended to be a character in Disciple and The Aluria Adventures, but only as a what I call a “minor major” character.  There were only certain parts that I had him play a role in this story but other than that, I was going to put him on the back burner so that his story would start growing in future books

But as I started writing his story, it started to grow and it started to intertwine with the main theme that I wanted to get across in Disciple.  I’m not going to get into how Fasi plays a key role in this story, but one thing I do want to mention is the name Fasi.  It actually has a unique story.

I’ve told many people in person and in press releases that I do get a lot of inspiration from where I work at Southwestern Community College and as you’re maybe familiar with, I work in the  Financial Aid Office and with the system that we use we go to a different part of that software by a mneumonic and the main mnemonic that I use is F A S I, or we refer to it as Fast.

When I first started this job in the Financial Aid Office three years ago, they first told me that mnemonic and I said “that’s a really cool acronym and it’s actually a very cool name that no one has thought of, much like Aluria,” and I knew that I wanted to use that name somewhere in this series but I didn’t know exactly how I wanted to go about it, but it just works so well with this character and this whole world that I’ve created just for him.

One day after The Aluria Adventure comes to a close, I would like to do a spin-off on just Fast because I believe that he is a character that people are going to love and are going to want to continue learning about once Jason and Aluria’s story is over.

Like all the other character profiles that I’ve done on my characters, I want to do one about Fast.  The actor that I would see playing Fasi is the actor that appeared on Desperate Housewives and in True Blood, Mehcad Brooks.  I think he has the physique that I’m looking for in this story as well as the wide range of acting skills that I’m looking for in this character so hopefully, one day, if The Aluria Adventures gets turned into a movie adaptation, I would love to see him playing this role.

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