Journey to Disciple: Tessa Warren

Tessa, like Jason, has to try to find her way at the end of Vigilante.  I’m not going to discuss what happened, because it would be spoilers for some potential readers, but she  has a situation like Jason where a part of her life has been ripped away from her and she also has to deal with what occurs at Vigilante’s finale that affects Jason and the other characters.

In Disciple, she goes through one of the greatest tests in her life which is trying to protect Jason, trying to encourage him when he doesn’t feel that inspiration or encouragement himself and she has a lot of internal struggling.  I really can’t discuss, but writing Tessa in this story was something I had never done before and it was very exciting to write.

She is just an incredible partner to Jason and everything that I write about in Jason’s perspective is always with the intention of how it could affect Tessa and the other people around him so Tessa is and continues to be a vital piece to Jason’s life and to this Aluria series.

I just can’t wait for you to read what I have in store for her, so if you haven’t started reading  Tessa’s journey, you can go ahead and start doing that by purchasing Disciple here.

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