Journey to Disciple: Bonnie Hunter

So, if you’ve read Aluria and Vigilante, you’re very familiar with one of Jason’s closest confidants and one of my more favorite characters to write, Bonnie Hunter.  As I’ve mentioned in several videos and posts in the pas,t my biggest inspiration for this character is Vicki Lawrence and how she portrays the very famous character, Thelma Harper from Mama’s Family and I just see so much these two women that helped influence my life in this character.

In Disciple, we see her in a different light.  In Aluria and Vigilante, she was getting very familiar with this new extraterrestrial being that is Aluria and then in Vigilante, we watch her try to help Jason understand this bigger world that Aluria lives in and the many different secrets that may be in that big world.

But in Disciple, she is more of a team player.  She is fully on board with everything Jason does and she kind of provides logic in a situation that is very illogical and very dangerous

She has a couple of good scenes in Disciple and I have no problem spoiling this for potential readers, but I always imagined Bonnie doing what she has to do withthe protection of Jason because with the death of his parents, she has assumed this surrogate mother and father for him.  In this one particular scene there is a moment where Jason’s life is threatened and Bonnie, being the country woman that she is, does whatever she has to to protect him and she knocks down the door that’s splitting her from him and when she comes in, she’s holding a big shotgun, ready to shoot whoever is threatening him.

That’s just the type of person Bonnie is.  She’ll go into a situation without any idea what’s going on if it prevents her “baby” from getting hurt and I love writing that relationship between Jason and Bonnie because even though we haven’t explored a lot of Bonnie’s past, which I’m hoping to do in the future books, but she has that connection with Jason that only a mother could have with a son and that’s a relationship not many people have when they’re not blood-related.

I just can’t wait to see how this relationship blooms and how you all get to see that relationship get deeper in Disciple.

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