vigilante-001Some of you thought I may have crawled into a hole after my last post, but no, I’m still alive and kicking.  I admit, that bad review really threw me through a loop, but no matter what, I knew I couldn’t give up this hobby of mine.  I love it too much, and even if nobody else read what I had to say, at least I could say that I did it.

Friends and family have been so supportive, and I thank you for that.

I don’t want to get too political, but I think I know what President Trump meant when he said he felt “vindicated.”  Just a few hours ago, I have received a review from OnlineBookClub, the same site where I received my negative review for Alruia.  This review was for Vigilante, and this one was much different than the first.

I have included the whole review for you to read.  You can read it at the original source here:

Love, sacrifice, heroism, hope, patriotism, mystery, alien, political issues, women empowerment, and family are the ingredients of this story that will keep the reader in a trance until the last page. Vigilante is the second book of Tyler Cook’s The Aluria Adventures. Tyler Cook will send you to bed with awe through this book.

I find Aluria to be the most interesting and intriguing character in the story. Aluria remains a big riddle to the law enforcers, political leaders, and to the public. His double barreled identity divides families, friends, and the communities as well. His unique character is one of my favorites in all of the story characters I encountered.

Princess Tessa and Jason Conner are amazing lovers. Princess Tessa Warren is a warm-hearted and honest woman who has the passion of serving her people. She is in the middle of political intrigue and the possibility of losing her position as an ambassador of her country but she still manages to serve her people. Several political personalities are questioning her capability of leading her people because of her past encounter with Raiz the evil sorcerer. They also doubt her reputation because of helping the mysterious Aluria. Will she be able to redeem her reputation and save her love interest from the hands of an evil spirit? Jason Conner, a young rich man is longing for answers but to no avail. He wanted to know the reason why his father murdered his loving mother. His great challenges are how to convince his father to tell him the truth, how to keep his identity a secret, and how to protect Princess Tessa from her dangerous foes. Will the love of Tessa and Jason survive from their chaotic world?

The life of this story begins with a mysterious murder. The crime was followed by several cases. All the victims have criminal backgrounds. All of them were murdered with an insignia which serves as a puzzle to the people. Jason made it his responsibility to help and save his people from this savage criminal. Tessa was ready to give her full support to Jason but she had her own problem which was bigger than her own life. Will these two heroes save their people from the possible demise?

The secondary characters like Raymond Conner, Bonnie, Regina, Lance, and Wilson gave more life to this fast-paced story of Romance, Science fiction, and political thriller. I enjoyed the book from the beginning to the end because the characters are relatable, their emotions are outstanding, and their roles in this story are well-played.

The writing style is dreamy yet realistic, and the plot is fascinating to unfold which made the story perfect for the young adults. The only problems I have in this story are the minor typographical errors and some of the detailed narrations which are flat. This story is a sequel but it can stand alone and the readers can still relate to the events in Cook’s first book. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars even in the presence of typographical errors because they did not destruct me or hinder me from loving the story.

Thank you so much, Donnavila Marie01, for your wonderful review.  Of course, there is always room for improvement, and she has given it to me.  I will strive to perform better in my next book, just like I have done with all the other.

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