JTV: Regina Myers

Part of the Journey to Vigilante

vigilante-001Regina Myers is a new major character I have introduced into The Aluria Adventures.  We saw her briefly in Aluria, and I knew at the beginning of the second book that she would play a major role in this new story.  I will warn you now, she’s going to be a character you’re gonna love to hate.

2-president-laura-roslinMultiple people and characters inspired Regina for me.  First, the name Regina came from the evil queen in Once Upon a Time.  It is Latin for queen, so I understand why they did that.  And I could see how the name would be true for the captain as well.  She’s in charge of a very reputable force, the Major Case Division, who makes sure that justice is served to all, and those who take the law into their own hands is brought down to everyone’s level.  Mary McDonnell, also inspired me with her strong characters, President Laura Roslin and Captain Sharon Raydor.

Captain Myers will be conflicted in not only her job, but in her personal life as well.  She believes Aluria needs to be stopped, but her superior’s obsession with the hero can sometimes get in the way of other things she hopes to accomplish as captain.  Her personal life will also be a factor in how she deals with Aluria.  She’s had her experience with men doing whatever they please without a regard for the rules, and that will dictate how she deals with her male relationships, both in and out of uniform.

I loved writing her story, because it gave me, and eventually, you, a look at fighting crime from a different perspective.  At the time of writing her scenes, I was watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent almost religiously.  I wanted to avoid the whole Batman/Comm. Gordon releationship, but I also knew there would need to be some sort of relationship with the police, whether good or bad, so they could check and balance each other.

I am beyond excited for you to read what I have in store for this new character, and the ideas I have for her in books to come.  Remember, Vigilante comes out this Saturday!

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