Writer’s Block

Hi everyone!  First off, I wanted to take a moment and thank you all for your support throughout the release of Vigilante.  I have completed my final scheduled book signing, as of right now, and I couldn’t be more grateful for those who came out and supported me.  You all rock!

Those of you who know me well knew I was going through a lot of emotional feelings during the promotion of the Vigilante release.  And I think I have touched on this with all of you at one point or another.  Most authors are able to write a book, put it in a drawer after it’s completion and begin working on something else, or even immediately start their next book while the details of the upcoming book is being worked out.  I can’t do that.  I think of each of my books as a child of mine.  I gave birth to them, so I feel I need to give them proper attention before I run off and start trying to make a new one.

Doing this is harder said than done.  Believe me, it would be a whole lot easier on me to be able to multitask and start on something new while trying to promote another project.  But unfortunately, my body goes into a state of depression.  I can’t write anything, I can’t read anything, and then I begin to start questioning life.  But really, I think it’s my own version of writer’s block.  It doesn’t hit me at random.  No, I get it after the completion of every book.  It never fails.

And then suddenly, after the release of that new book, the ideas and motivation to write start to flow in me again.  That never fails either.  Just like with this latest release.  I put Vigilante out there for the world to read on March 4th.  Later that afternoon, I had a desire to write.  Granted, my writing hasn’t been as frequent, because I have been spending a lot of energy towards these book signings.  But now that they’re all over with, I see myself writing a lot more than before.

If I could find away to avoid my writer’s block, I would.  If I could do that, Lord knows how many books I could write in a year.  By now, I would probably have the whole Aluria Adventures series completed.  I don’t know.  If only there was some medication or essential oil that could help me with this internal sickness I have with my books.

Now that Vigilante has received the attention I think it deserves, certainly more attention that any of my other books combined has received, I believe I will crawl into my man cave and focus my full attention on the new installment in my series.  I hope to have it written before you all know it.  Don’t worry, I’ll still have a presence on social media.  I can’t just quit cold turkey.

Until then, so long!

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