Author Releases Third Book in Series


Franklin, NC—Tyler Cook, Franklin native and author, will release his fifth book, ‘Disciple’, at a special release party on August 4 at 10 a.m. at the Macon County Public Library.

“Disciple is the latest installment in The Aluria Adventures series and it is my favorite one to date.” said Cook.  “I have been wanting to write this book for some time, and I had an a

bsolute blast doing it.”

Over five-hundred years ago, in a distant kingdom, Queen Sibilla feared her kingdom would become the next casualty of the One Hundred Years War.  In a desperate act to protect those she led, she makes a deal with the Devil, becoming his disciple in exchange for unlimited power.  But everything has a price, and Sibilla must pay for her newfound powers, putting everything she cares about on the brink of destruction.  In the present day, it has been six months with no sign of Aluria.  Peace has been preserved throughout the city of Canton, thanks to his friends, but with a new threat emerging, Jason Conner wonders how long he can keep going without putting the mask back on, and if he’s worthy enough to be the hero the city needs again.  Can he make amends with the spirit that has inhabited his body for so long, and if so, will they be strong enough to keep the Devil’s disciple from completing her mission?

‘Aluria’, was released in 2016, followed by ‘Vigilante’ in 2018.  Both have been named the #1 bestselling superhero novel on multiple times, as well as reaching their overall bestseller list.

Half of all proceeds will go towards The Eva McCall Memorial Scholarship, a project Cook started after the passing of his great-aunt and fellow author.

“I’ve been very passionate about both of these projects over the last year,” Cook said.  “I’m glad I could find a way to bring the two together.”

In 2014, Cook released ‘A Guide to Historic Dillsboro’, now an award-winning book that celebrates the historic town of Dillsboro, as well as raising money for the Appalachian Women’s Museum.  Later that year, he wrote ‘The One’ which was released in early 2015.

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