Journey to Disciple: The Aluria Adventures 3-Book Collection


Hi everyone, I wanted to take a moment and discuss in this latest installment in the Journey to Disciple series about why it was so important for me to do a collection
book which includes Aluria, Vigilante and Disciple.

Many people around the world and many authors that are successfully able to publish their books, many of them don’t have the opportunity to not only write one book, but multiple books and multiple books within a series. I am one of those people that are very fortunate to continue the stories that I have come to love and initially, I thought about doing just a digital box set which would include Aluria, Vigilante and Disciple, but because of the size of these books, I thought that I would be able to compress them all enough to do a three book collection and it actually turned out really great.

In the video above, I show the physical proof of the three book Aluria Adventures series. And as you can tell, it’s a pretty thick book. It is eight hundred and twenty four pages. The final version may go down to eight hundred and twenty, but it is just as big if not maybe a little bit less than some of these big books that were used to seeing upon the bookshelves such as a couple of installments in the Harry Potter series and even though it does look intimidating, I know people will understand that there are actually three books in one, so it’s actually a good deal for them to get this book.

When I was thinking about the price of the Aluria Adventures 3 book collection, I wanted to make it so that it was actually more beneficial to them to get the three book collection than it was to get all three individual books separately and I have decided to list the price for the Aluria Adventure 3 book collection at $29.99, which essentially gives you one book for free. If you bought them separately, it would be a total of $45, so it’s actually a better deal if you buy the three book collection if you haven’t started on any of the other books.

So if you are just now beginning this journey with Aluria and the many other wonderful characters that I’ve created, go ahead and purchase the book here.

You essentially get one book for free and of course 50% of all the proceeds that I make from the Aluria Adventures 3-book collection will go towards the Eva McCall Memorial Scholarship until it is fully funded. Thank you all so much for reading this post and watching the video and I look forward to showing you the many other videos to come.

Talk to you soon!

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