Today was a beautiful day. As I drove down the street, I thought about how peaceful made me feel. The sky was clear, leaves started to fall, the cool air coming in, and the sun shining bright. Today, I was happy.

It was also a beautiful day fifteen years ago. For those that were lucky enough to be driving down the street that day, they probably were not a peace, nor were they feel happiness in their heart.

I woke up this morning and watched my favorite documentary about September 11 by CNN, “America Remembers”. I’ve watched 15 times, each time for every year that has passed since that defining moment in American history, and every time, I catch a tear falling from my face. The story is powerful and sad, and I get chills every time I think about it.

I am fortunate to have been old enough to remember what happened, not because it was a joyous occasion, but because I remember the emotions I felt on that day. Today’s generation only learn about it from their history lessons, my sister included. It’s like me and Pearl Harbor. I know about it, and I feel sad thinking about it, but it’s not the same as living through that day, not knowing if there would be a tomorrow, thanking God that none of my family or friends were hurt.

To some, September 11 has become similar to Pearl Harbor, a distant memory. I’m sure that many who were alive that day, didn’t take the time to reflect on how the last 15 years were affected by that day. Many were consumed by their own lives, fighting inner demons, wondering how they were going to make it to the next day, or simply not caring.

I’ve heard a lot of people’s problems over the year, and I have experienced problems of my own. But while driving down that street today, thinking of those who never go to say goodbye to their families, never got to meet their soulmate, never got to make a family of their own, it reminded me that our problems that we experience today don’t mean a thing, in the grand scheme of things. Every day is a gift to us, and we aren’t guaranteed one of them, so we should savor them while they last.

If you’re reading this right now, on September 11, 2016, and you haven’t taken a moment to reflect on how September 11 has affected all of our lives in some way or another, there’s still a chance to do so. You’ve got a couple of more hours left. Put your own problems aside, and thank whoever you worship for giving this day to you. Be grateful that you were able to come home today, kiss your husband/wife, see your children, or embrace family and friends. Never forget that it all can be taken from us in a blink of an eye, and we should never take it for granted.

I’m going to make myself a promise. And I’ll hope you’ll do the same. I’m going to get up tomorrow, thank God for another day, and try to be a better person. The only way we can make this country, and the world, a better place, is by trying to love one another, and stop the spreading of hate and violence. Let’s learn from our mistakes, and honor those that were lost today by trying to make he world a better place…together.

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