Button Box


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by Eva McCall

Who would think one stolen roll could cause so much commotion and land Abigail Sloan in the grips of a complete stranger; a stranger who will save her from a life on the streets of New Orleans. But there is a price for everything, and Abigail will pay in ways that will haunt her in years to come.Button box is a fast-paced 96,000 word historical fiction set during the Civil war. It clearly shows the lengths that human beings, black or white, will go to protect the ones they love. Slaves are used to harvest tobacco, men to breed young slave girls, and the women to pleasure white men. Some make plans to murder their master while others plan their own death and others plan to escape. Abigail Sloan learns the hard lessons of life during the Civil War, but is comforted by her button box, symbolizing all of humankind; all shapes, sizes and colors, living together.


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