The One

The One 003In The One, Eli Cooper never expected love to be this difficult. When someone from his past suddenly reappears, he can’t help but notice the attraction between the two of them. But sometimes, the people that you love may not love you back. Eli must find his way back from heartbreak, and discover a life where his love can be returned. But in order to do that, he must also face his demons, and overcome his greatest fear: Revealing his deepest secret to the world.


“A great read for anyone who’s ever been in a relationship or anyone wanting to be in a relationship.  This book will stir even the most jaded person to remember what it’s like to truly be in a loving relationship.  Highly recommended.” –Roy Pegram

“Loved it, brought a tear, and a smile more than once. It was beautifully written.  I could see my mind eye the pain and the love on their faces.” –William H.

“Amazing story about and average boy going through the struggles of growing up in a judgmental small town. Great great book!!!” –Diamond Burch

“I could not put this book down. I was completely drawn in to Eli’s world and emotions as he navigated his relationship with his true love. It was a very authentic story that resonates, regardless of one’s own orientation. I recommend this book and look forward to the author’s next.” –Mark Springer

“Loved very one of the 270 pages. What a beautiful love story, touching tragedy as story moved forward plus awesome support from the families and friends. A book for any teen, or adult to read. Hated for the book to end …. keep writing Tyler Cook!”- Donald Wolford




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