Defending Freedom

Centuries ago, a group of men from thirteen colonies announced they were tired of the oppression and under-representation forced upon them and demanded the rights they thought they deserved.  Many, if not all of them, new the formation of a country would be an experiment that could fail.   Some may have even thought the... Continue Reading →

We’re Your Friend

The southern region has had a recent shakeup, and everyone I've talked to has felt the effects.  A few days ago, WYFF4 (We're Your Friend Four) reporter and anchor, Mike McCormick, and photographer, Aaron Smeltzer, died tragically when a tree fell on their SUV.  They were in Polk County, North Carolina, reporting on the storms... Continue Reading →

Disciple Announcement

In March of 2017, shortly after the release of Vigilante, I began writing the third book in The Aluria Adventures series.  I was so excited to begin the process, because the story line I had planned for this book was one that I had planned from the beginning, and couldn't wait to get it on... Continue Reading →

2018 Rose Glen Literary Festival

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the Rose Glen Literary Festival with several of my friends from the SCC Writer's Group. I'll admit, I really didn't want to go Friday afternoon. Why? Because, when I'm working on a writing project, I usually like to stay in my self-imposed exile until it's complete. And usually,... Continue Reading →

Discussions from the Beyond

I believe in spirits.  Not only do I believe in them, but I believe they can commune with us in ways we don't expect.  Many people say spirits talk to us through our dreams.  I never closely examined my dreams to test that theory, but I believed what they said.  Recently, though, I believe this... Continue Reading →

Fire and Fury

If anyone has not heard about the most talked about book of 2018 so far, then they probably aren't reading this post right now.  This book, Fire and Fury, has swept the nation up in a firestorm of political gossip and certainly has the attention of President Donald Trump, essentially at the center of it's... Continue Reading →

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