JTV: Bonnie Hunter

Part of the Journey to Vigilante I've heard from a lot of you that Bonnie Hunter is your favorite character.  I can certainly understand why.  She can act as a mother, friend and comedian all at the same time.  As you can tell, the series cannot survive without her, and I am so blessed to [...]

JTV: Jason Conner

Part of the Journey to Vigilante For those of you who haven't read Aluria yet, Jason Conner is the main character of the series.  Readers saw him mature as a young hero in a short time, while also knowing there is more evil out in the world to take down.  In Vigilante, he continues his [...]

Journey to Vigilante

Last year, while promoting the release of Aluria, I submitted Youtube videos of myself, talking about aspects of the story before the release.  Because they didn't get many views, and because I can't stand watching myself talk, I decide I would do the same thing, but in a way that I know best: through my [...]

Vigilante Release Date

I'm BACK!  Did you miss me?  It's been so long since my last post in late September, but I can assure you that I been busy during that time.  And after months of giving hints here and there, I have an announcement to make... Vigilante, the second book in The Aluria Adventures series, will be [...]


Today was a beautiful day. As I drove down the street, I thought about how peaceful made me feel. The sky was clear, leaves started to fall, the cool air coming in, and the sun shining bright. Today, I was happy. It was also a beautiful day fifteen years ago. For those that were lucky [...]